MT4 Trade Platform


We provided MT4 Trade Platform to our Clients for internet trading. MetaTrader4 is an excellent piece of trading software which integrates market quotations, price charts and technical analysis for our clients to perform online trading. Widely popular among the international investment community, this all-in-one trading software uses minimal computer resources for high-speed transactions.

MT4 is also known as The Meta Trader4 Client Terminal which is developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation. Whilst providing real-time market quotations and advanced trading functions, the MT4 trading platform also includes 18 types of graphical chart tools, 9 chart options for trading period and 30 types of internationally recognized technical indicators and sound alerts. Clients can open or close positions, place limit or stop-loss orders, adjust take-profit levels; review real-time news, announcements, warnings, and review account history reports

MT4’s Features:
• Smooth and User-friendly interface and smooth
• Risk control functions such as the ability to adjust stop-loss and take-profit levels.
• Ability to set pending orders and accurate price data
• Powerful Chart analysis tools

Currently, more than 70% of brokerage firms and banks from 30 different countries choose MetaTrader 4 as their number 1 Trading Platform for their online trading needs with over 90% of all retail trading volume is performed on the MetaTrader4 Trading Platform.

Login Procedures

Step 1:Click「Demo Trade」on our home page

Step 2:
Open the trading platform and click 「Folder」at left right corner, then click 「Login to Trading Account」as follows:

Step 3:
Input the relevant account number and password, chose the server as
“GTrader-G Trader Server”, then click Login.

Step 4:
If Login success, there is figure show at the bottom right corner of the trading platform, otherwise, there is no figure showed.

Step 5:
Client can also change password after successfully login to the trading platform: chose change password at 「Tools > Options > 」and then chose「Server」and click「Change」to change the password.

Trading Procedures

Step 1:

Right-click the item under Market Quote, select the 'New Order' button (as shown below) or double-click the product window to trade the item.

Step 2:
Select the product category in the transaction sheet (see below)

Step 3:
Select the number of lots to confirm the transaction

Step 4:

After selecting the number of lots, you can set the stop price or stop profit price in the position of the red circle below

Choose the type of transaction for the market price

Click "Sell / Buy", select the button to confirm

Step 5:
After completes the order, client can view the traded order at the "Terminal" which at the bottom of the trading platform.

It includes transaction time / transaction type / number of lot / type of products / transaction price, etc.

The gray field is the (balance in the trading account / used margin / available margin, etc.)

Step 6:
Client can view the Closed transaction in the "account history". It contains the amount of funds in/out on the day, and the client can select the "time" for selection period

Step 7:
Client can check the e-mail sent by the company in the mailbox, please check it regularly.

Order Types

Order types can be divided into four parts

1. Buy Limit

2. Buy Stop

3. Sell Limit

4. Sell Stop

Buy Limit
Buy Limit means buy at the current market purchase price (below Figure 1 blue circle) and set the order price below the current market purchase price automatically.

Buy Stop
Buy Stop means buy at the current market purchase price (below Figure 1 blue circle) and set the order price above the current market purchase price automatically.

Sell Limit

Sell Limit means sell at the current market selling price (below Figure 1 red circle) and set the order price above the current selling market price automatically.

Sell Stop
Sell Stop means sell at the current market selling price (below Figure 1 red circle) and set the order price below the current selling market price automatically.

Please note that the order price for the order must be (+/- 200 points in USDCAD (ie 0.002)) and so on of the current market price

Click "Order" to confirm the transaction

*Note: All pending orders will be automatically canceled when the weekend market closed

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